Jerry Portelli = ClownGod


I am an artist based in Scottsdale, AZ. Clowns have intrigued my creation process since 2003. It all started when I was given my first clown mask and from that day forward it grew into an exploration of who, what and why. The clown masks not only hide ones identity but also reveal other hidden traits. These are what I like to explore when I create with my clowns.

Yes, I do create non-clown art. Within my website you will see other art that is not clown related. I am influenced by old, forgotten and abandoned buildings. Things lost or disregarded. People’s imprints on our world that have had both positive and negative effects. These are some of the interests that go into creating my other non-clown art.

I am fascinated by the idea of a square. This is the evolution of what photography has become in this digital world. Everything starts as a tiny little square pixel. From that smallest humble beginning is where my art is born. I explore and push the boundaries and create work that is one of kind. By utilizing Xerography as a tool for creating, I am able to create art that is unique, one of kind and impossible to recreate.