These images are of an abandoned religious compound in southern Arizona. I spent one and a half hours slowly exploring the ruins with my camera. The images were shot in the order you are viewing them. The second to the last shot was taken when I entered the nearly empty classroom. I created a wide view of the scene, then wanted to photograph a close-up of the desk and podium. As I was composing the shot, I noticed that the bible laying there was recently moved. There was a dust imprint where the book previously lay and three finger marks ran across the front cover. My personal rule when photographing abandoned structures is a no-touch policy - only photograph what I see. Immediately after I released the shutter, something told me I was done and should leave. A week later, when I was downloading the images, I noticed the last image had a very strange purple mass hovering around the top of the podium. I knew the mass was not caused from lens flare. Something was there. Something told me to leave that day.

This body of work is titled "God Has Left The Building".

These images are hand transferred onto 300 pound Kilimanjaro watercolor paper. Image size is roughly 10.5"x16.5" and the paper size is 30"x22". Completed in 2012.